Tuesday, September 23, 2008

review: Kinerase Under Eye Rescue

for many of us, me included, eye creams are a must-have beauty product. i don't really care what anyone says, i need my eye cream! i believe it is what keeps the skin around my eyes hydrated and looking fresh, even on days when i haven't gotten the sleep i so desperately desire.

Kinerase Under Eye Rescue claims to immediately hydrate and smooth the under-eye area, while the advanced peptide formula reduces the look of under-eye circles and puffiness.

hmmm...guess my skin didn't get that memo...

not that it didn't hydrate, it did, but all of the other things i didn't notice. maybe because i don't have dark circles, but when i used this, i didn't wake up looking as good in the eye area as i had hoped.

also, this stuff stung my eyes every time i applied it. i was super careful, too, but each time i used this, found myself having to let my eyes water in response to it. i tried patting it under my eyes, just under my lashes, but something in this irritated my eyes. they were watering like i was cutting an onion.

strange...i've never had a problem like this before!

while i know everyone has different reactions to different products, reading the review on this stuff has me convinced that i am a rare case. many others find it works brilliantly, and will never go back to their old eye cream. unfortunately, that wasn't my experience, so i'm moving on...

Kinerase Under Eye Rescue can be found at sephora.com



Unknown said...

I think all of their products are horribly over priced and way overrated. they don't do anything for your skin, and at over a $100 a pop, your throwing your money down the drain!

I love neutrogenas Intensive eye cream. it might sting, you might try it every other night but I tell you it works! and it costs less.

monique said...

i've actually never had an eye cream sting the way this one did! it was so weird...thanks for the suggestion! i love neutrogena products. :)

Jen Hill said...

An eye cream that stings and causes your eyes to tear is a very bad thing!

I had heard good things about the Kinerase Under Eye Rescue as well, and thank you for the review, you will save me the trouble of trying it!

Faye said...

Take note that even the best eye cream will not be of use to you if you are experiencing some bad reactions with it.