Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Create Perfect Lashes

lashes are like the window dressings in a room...they really add the finishing touch, and pulls everything together. creating great lashes also helps to open up the eye, and just plain looks good!

click below to get ten amazing tips on how to get those lashes to look their best! content:

How to Get Perfect Lashes

Celebrity makeup artist Chuck Hezekiah shares his top 10 beauty tips on working your mascara to its full potential

How to Get Perfect Lashes

We had the chance to sit down with Chuck Hezekiah, national makeup artist for Maybelline New York, who told us how to get perfect, clump-free lashes with almost any mascara. Read on to find out exactly how your mascara can work in more ways than one to save you time, guesswork and money.

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