Wednesday, October 22, 2008

L.A. Fashion Week: Eco-Ganik

Eco-Ganik was one of the shows i was able to attend during my time in LA. i, thankfully, had a second row seat, so i was able to capture the fabulous collection by designer Hoda Mallone.

Hoda's desire was to create a line that was still fashionable while being "green". all of the fabrics are eco-friendly, and because of this, special care had to be taken when dying and the cutting fabric.

this is Hoda Mallone's first runway collection. believe it or not, she has only been seriously designing for about a year. she says if she weren't in fashion, she would be doing something in law.

Hoda Mallone

overall, this is a very sophisticated and smart line that will appeal to every fashionista. i was really impressed, and trust me, my pictures don't do the clothes any justice!

all models photos taken by me :)
Hoda Malone photo: Giovanni Giannoni

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