Saturday, October 18, 2008

nail color of the week: Metro Chic

Metro Chic is a very popular shade from the Sephora by OPI collection because it is being sold on ebay for outrageous prices.

it does seem to sell out quickly, but there is an email service to alert you when it comes back in stock. i did however, pick this color up in store, and there were plenty.

so if Metro Chic is a color you want, don't buy it for $50 on ebay, just be patient if it's not on sephora's website-- it will come back in stock-- or call your local Sephora store and see if they have it in stock so you can pick it up there!

photo taken by me :)


Glossy said...

I was skeptical about this color until I saw one of my girlfriends wearing it--it's totally fabulous! It looks great on you too! :)

monique said...

yeah, it's one you have to "try on"...LOL! thank you! :)