Wednesday, October 8, 2008

review: SpinLash

by now, you may have heard of AKASHA's SpinLash, the mascara with the wand that rotates to give perfect lashes everytime.

well, i have been using SpinLash, and while i love the idea of rotating brush (that slowly rotates both clockwise and counter-clockwise), i wasn't too impressed with the mascara itself. hopefully, this is something the company will improve on since there are so many fantastic mascaras on the market right now.

fortunately, you can use SpinLash with any mascara! surprisingly, it suggests it on the packaging. so of course, that's what i did. and yes, my lashes were perfectly separated, full and lush-looking. i loved it!

so, mascara aside, SpinLash is a great product to have in your cosmetic tool box. it works great to give that last touch of separation without pulling or tugging on your lashes, like a traditional lash brush might do, or use it with your must-have mascara for the ultimate lash result (p.s., use the brush counter-clockwise on top of your lashes to help them curl up). trust me, you will not know how you lived without this!

find SpinLash at your local Target store (for around $15) and buy it online here.



Jen Hill said...

I wonder if you can use the spin wand with a different formula of mascara?

Thanks for the review, I've been very curious about this one.

monique said...

hi jen! you can use another mascara :)