Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spas of America: The Update

so, most of you remember that i won a spa experience and opportunity to have my review posted on the Spas of America website and newsletter, as well as on Total Beauty and right here on BGM.

well, you should...i couldn't have done it without your help!

so, i just wanted to take this time to let you know that i will finally be taking my "trip" and experiencing a spa and one of their most popular treatments.

so what took so long, you ask?

i have no idea.

i will tell you that i let the president of Spas of America know that i wasn't happy with how long it was taking, and the fact that i had to practically stalk him through emails wasn't very cool. he was suddenly very prompt in forwarding the contact info for the spa i was to visit (uh-huh...).

so, i will be visiting The Island Hotel today, and i am most excited! i was able to schedule through their PR and my appointment was made very quickly and pleasantly. :)

on the recommendation of the rep, i will be receiving the Island ‘Boreh’ Remedy that is said to increase relaxation and calms the soul. the technician will be using clove, ginger and spices to increase circulation and relieve aches and tension. this 2-hour treatment is really like two-treatments-in-one (and is actually coming at a fabulous time)!

so, stay tuned for my write up of this spa! and thank you again!


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