Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Treat Your Hairstyling Burns with Burn Jel Plus

we've all experienced the "hairstyling burn". you know, the one from the curling iron or flat iron you get because you either 1.) weren't paying attention or 2.)were in a hurry?

yes, it's awful, and unfortunately happens way too often, hairstyling or not.

i received a fabulous product on my doorstep not too long ago that helps to aid in the treatment of minor burns, scalds and sunburn. it's called Burn Jel Plus, and i really think you should add this to your first-aid kit!

this easy-to-use formula, not only cools the burn, but relieves the pain associated with it (because we all know running cold water over a burn never relieves the pain after we stop). that means say good-bye to that annoying, painfully hot sensation that lingers for hours! i was really impressed with this product after testing it out for myself, and after doing some research, it looks as though many people couldn't agree with me more.

this product is inexpensive and can be found in any drugstore. even if you don't have to use it often, when the time does come around, you'll be happy you took my advice!

visit your local drugstore or buy online at walgreens.com


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