Monday, November 24, 2008

BGM Thankfulness Week: Love, Hugs and My Husband

on this, the first day of BGM Thankfulness Week, i am thankful for love, hugs and my hubby.

i am thankful for his smile, the way he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, and keeps my feet on the ground.

i'm thankful for his thoughtfulness, his honesty and his example as he works and lives everyday. he is a hero to our children and my best friend...

he has always so easily made me feel loved, and even when he's mad at me, or vice versa, he still never hesitates to say "i love you".

i couldn't imagine my life without his hugs, that seem to remind me that everything will be ok...

i am so thankful for him because he has made our marriage seem effortless and easy-- even in the times when i know it wasn't.

i am thankful for his love and thanks to it, i can honestly say i have been happily married for almost ten years...

i love you hubby always...and i am thankful for you, your hugs and your love.


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