Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Donna Karan's Conscious Ad Campaign

according to The Cut and WWD, Donna Karan Collection will not be shooting an ad campaign for spring 2009. they will be, instead, advertising with a campaign that consists of images from the runway show.

"we felt that given the economy at this time and what's going on, that this was kind of a time to be aware of how to best look at how we can make a difference," said Patti Cohen, EVP of global marketing and communications for Donna Karan. "we wanted to get our message across in a creative way but with a consciousness," Karan said.

i think this is an amazing decision that the brand has made! and look at what they have come up with-- it's still beautiful.

the ads will break in february issues of fashion and lifestyle magazines.

what do you think?


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