Friday, November 14, 2008

hair therapy: Moroccanoil Masque for Hair

i love a good hair treatment, and since i'm growing my hair out, i know that pampering it while it does will keep it healthy. Moroccanoil Masque for Hair has become one of my favorite treatments since being introduced to it a few weeks ago.

this amazing hair treatment contains the latest "it" ingredient, argan oil, and it is fabulous! the oil comes from the nut of a tree that only grows in morocco, and has been used by women there for centuries. i'm so happy someone discovered it and brought the secret to the masses, so we can enjoy it too!

after using this masque, i find that my hair is super shiny and oh-so soft-- everything i expect to see and feel after using a deep conditioning treatment! the directions recommend leaving it on for 5-10 minutes, but when i want a fabulous treat, i apply it to my hair and leave it on for!

this is definitely worth the investment! since it is so conditioning, you may find you only use it a couple of times a month to keep your hair in good condition. and since it comes in a pretty good size tub, it will last a long time. of course, it may not last as long if you end up like me and become addicted, using it every week!

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