Thursday, November 20, 2008

on my holiday wish list: Pallie 'James' Tote

if you know me, my love of handbags is no secret. hubby laughs at me any time we pass the bag department at any store because i have to stop and look through it (he also must put up with following me through the beauty, clothing and shoe departments...LOL!), but since we've been married almost ten years, it's nothing new to him.

this James Tote, from the pallie bags fall '08 collection, is one that i would stop to admire if it were in a store near me. i love the idea that it's multifunctional and can be carried with a strap or with the shorter handles.

it's quite big as well, meaning it would be perfect for travel! and it also comes in black and royal blue...don't you just love it? i know i would be put to good use (hint, hint, hubby)!

visit for more information.


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