Saturday, December 6, 2008

Britney Spears on January '09 Cover of Glamour

Brtney Spears is on the january cover of Glamour magazine.

and not just stateside, people, but internationally as well!

i read that Glamour is banking on Britney eight times over as she will also be featured on the mag's seven spinoffs at the same time.

it’s rare for a magazine cover shot to run across its international editions simultaneously...but Spears, whose career has been sidetracked by divorce, rehab and public embarrassment, has a lot to gain from the Patrick Demarchelier-shot Glamour covers, which hit stands dec. 3.

"we certainly hope she does well in newsstand land," Glamour top editor Cindi Leive said. "you want to see a cleaned-up Britney talking about what it took to put her life back together."

Britney on the past year:
"this whole year has been a hell of a year for me. i have been working so hard on my album, but…i didn’t know exactly where i stood with everyone."

Britney’s new year’s resolution:
"i would like to stop worrying so much, because i worry all the time. and to learn how to be happier, just in general."

what you may not know about Britney:
"i don’t like going out. i hate clubs. i hate being around too many people. i love my home and staying in bed and watching Dancing With the Stars or reading a Danielle Steel novel."

Britney on her new album:
"recording this album has helped take my mind off certain things. for me, my music is therapy."

i personally am glad to see her looking better and having fresh perspective on her life. it can't be easy being her... read the article here.

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