Thursday, December 11, 2008

hair therapy: PureOlogy Hair "Cocktails"

PureOlogy wants you to celebrate the holidays in style! they have created some great "cocktails" that include mixing two or more stylers together for the perfect effect!

PureOlogy PureArtists Mary Katherine Hecht, Wendy Belanger, Sherilynn Smart and April Webster share their favorite holiday "cocktails" to create the right look for you.

check it out:

maintain perfect corkscrew curls:

use two parts PureOlogy PowerDressing and one part PureOlogy SuperStraight Relaxing Serum. PowerDressing controls curls and SuperStraight controls the frizz, but it's always soft, touchable, shiny beautiful hair!

if you have short hair:

mix one part PureOlogy NanoWax, one part PureOlogy TextureTwist and a light mist of PureOlogy SprayGel in your palm. emulsify and apply for perfect texture and hold.

if you prefer a smoother look:

mix equal parts PureOlogy ShineLuxe and PureOlogy SuperStraight Relaxing Serum. start with the ShineLuxe and emulsify it your hands, then add the SuperStraight RelaxingSerum. apply evenly and comb through the hair to smooth and control the hair leaving hair with a silk like finish.

"the egg" (a fuller-bodied look):

spray PureOlogy RootLift in a circle into the palm of your hand; add one or two pumps of PureOlogy PowerDressing into the center. it will look like a cooked egg! then emulsify and distribute throughout hair concentrating on the mid-shaft to the ends. blow dry using a large round brush for that beautiful Heather Locklear, Jessica Simpson full-bodied look.

i hope these tips are helpful to you for all of your holiday parties and get-togethers!

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