Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...

when i was ten, sixteen year olds were grown-ups to me. i thought high school was worlds away, and when i figured out what year we would graduate, my friends and i thought it would be forrrevvverrr before we graduated....

well, obviously i was wrong. i've not only graduated, but i've been to my reunion! LOL!

thinking about that makes me laugh to myself, how silly of me, right? but i had another silly thought all year-- i've been thinking of twenty-nine as a cliche age that any person who can't deal with 30 says they are (ha!). well, i've changed my mind, so today i'm going to be a kid again!

this morning i went with my mom for a mani/pedi and some shopping! :) and now...

i'm off to disneyland with hubby and the kids, and i am going to have a blast! we haven't been since may, so i am looking forward to it. and, of all the times i've been to the happiest place on earth, i've never been in december to see and experience all of the holiday stuff.

of course, i will be making a stop into Sephora in downtown disney because every time we go, i have to sacrifice by not going in, but since it's my birthday...

i plan to indulge in the sights and smells, as well as make a few purchases. on top of my list is Miss Dior Cherie, a fragrance i've been wearing for a few days, thanks to a fabulous sample, and have fell in love with.

the scent has notes of green tangerine, violette, pink jasmine, patchouli, crystalline musk, strawberry leaves, caramelized popcorn and strawberry sorbet. on the Sephora website, it's in the mossy woods category, not one i would choose if just looking at a list of scent families, but nonetheless, i love it. Miss Dior Cherie is a more grown-up version of what i might have worn a few years ago; sweet but not so much to give you a toothache (ha ha) and dries down to a light sophisticated floral.

if i snag some other goodies, i'll be sure to share them with you! have a great rest of the day!


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Tales of a Diva Housewife said...

Hey Monique - hope you had a happy birthday. Miss you over on HHWC. ttyl

p.s. Happy New Year!!!