Friday, December 12, 2008

holiday gift ideas for under $50, part four!

how are you my beauties? it's friday, and that means more gift ideas that are fun, fabulous and super-affordable!

this week is an eclectic mix of fun little items:

Origins Calm to Your Senses Lavender and Vanilla Milk Bath sounds divine right about now! but seriously, this amazing product will turn the bath into a relaxation station with the two most soothing smells: lavender and vanilla. plus, the milk mixture will soften your skin-- perfect for the winter months!

Sephora Swirl Bag Collection is perfect for the person in your life that needs more space for her beauty goodies (ahem, ahem...). really, if you know she needs more space to store her never-ending collection, than be a doll and get her some things to put them in! these bags are sold separately, but still cost less than $50 for the four!

Clinique Happy To Go fragrance pencils (yep, pencils) will help her create a new scent everyday, or create a signature scent that is all her own! includes Clinique Happy in the original scent, A Hint of Citrus and A Wealth of Flowers.

Hamadi EcoPac features a soymilk shampoo (choose ginger for all hair types or honey for volume), shea rice milk conditioner, and one healing serum in 2oz bottles that are airline friendly! the natural weave bag they come in can also double as a soft body cloth.

Harney & Sons Tea is my favorite brand of tea, and if you have a tea lover on your list, i suggest you take a look at the fabulous selection of blends and accessories! all of the flavors come in a variety of forms: bagged, loose and in sachets, so if you know how they prefer to make their tea, then you can choose it! my favorite? the Bangkok blend-- a green tea with a blend of lemongrass, coconut and ginger-- in sachets. love it! :)

Acca Kappa "The Flowering Seasons" Soap Set includes 4 amazingly luxurious bars of soap that are vegetable based, rich in scent and lather and are perfect for any skin type! i don't know any gal who wouldn't love these-- unless she doesn't like soap...

Betseyville by Betsey Johnson "Polka Bow" Clutch is too cute not to share! this would be great for the friend who loves to play up her outfits with an amazing accessory piece, or the relative who is spunky and not afraid of using color in her ensembles.

this Holly Golightly Sleep Mask is so adorable, and as you already may know was inspired by the sleep mask worn by Audry Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's (my all-time favorite movie!). so if you know a fan, this would definitely be a surprise for them to open!

Kim Vo Replenish Moisture Masque will give hair a hydrating, nourishing treatment like one that would be received with the much sought-after hair stylist, but without the hefty price tag!

next friday is the last installment of holiday gift ideas under $50, can you believe it? soon it will be 2009...*sigh*...until then, have a fabulous weekend!


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