Saturday, January 10, 2009

hair therapy: Daisy Fuentes to launch a new haircare line

before Daisy Fuentes took over for Cindy Crawford as host of MTV's House of Style (remember that show? i loved it!), or even thought of building a multimillion-dollar apparel and fragrance brand at Kohl’s Corp., she was an aspiring hairstylist.


yeah, that's what i said...

"i was enrolled in cosmetology school, and i was going to open my own salon. i've always done all of my girlfriends' hair," said 42-year-old Fuentes, recalling her career goals as an 18-year-old. segueing to her current goals, she added, "finding high-quality products that actually worked and had safe ingredients was a priority for me and, in the search for that, i found that the market was really lacking in that area. i really wanted to be groundbreaking."

well, she's finally entering the hair industry with her new haircare line called Daisy Fuentes Style Pro (by Beautology Brands Company)which will hit stores like Walgreen's and Rite Aid as early as march.

with a tightly edited line of nine sulfate and paraben-free products that are intended to lay the groundwork for what Beautology chief executive officer and president Stuart Straus calls a multicultural beauty brand, the products, which are priced at less than $9.99 and contain orchid and tuberose notes, include Smooth & Straight Conditioner and Shampoo; Curls & Waves Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse; Ultra Deep Conditioner; All Day Hair Spray; Straightening Blow Dry Flat Iron Finishing Spray, and High Shine Finishing Spray, the hero of the initial lineup.

i'm excited for Daisy, and i'm interested to see how these products will work. stay tuned!


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