Monday, January 19, 2009

hair therapy: Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque

i've been using Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque for a few weeks (it is one of the goodies in the current BeautyFix program), and i have to tell you, i love it!

this incredible treatment formula works overnight to repair, condition and replenish damaged hair. it renews and repairs with expertly blended ingredients, resulting in silkier, shinier locks. it also helps to enhance color for a richer and more vibrant hue. damaged, dry or unmanageable hair becomes healthy, soft and resilient.

as some of you know, i had an incredibly horrible experience this past august in regards to my hair, and have been working ever since to keep my hair in good condition while it grows out. it has grown significantly (yay! the back is almost as long as it was before it was cut, and the layers are actually looking somewhat normal), and using this has helped strengthen and keep my hair healthy.

i love that i can put this on at night, not worry about leaving a heavy or greasy residue on my pillow, then wake up the next morning and shampoo and condition as usual. i deep condition my hair every saturday, so this is on my hair on friday night as a little something extra. sometimes, i even apply a little of this to the ends of my hair in the middle of the week and don't wash it out the next day-- because i have thick, on-the-coarser-side hair, this works beautifully.

i will be honest and say that while i do love this product, and will be sad when i run out of it, the price tag shocked me. i know that many amazing ingredients go into it, and it works great, but wow! so, maybe i'll start saving my pennies now, and by the time the contents of the bottle no longer exists, i'll have enough to repurchase it-- lol!

find out more about Kronos hair products at, and be sure to visit to find out about their amazing sampling program.



Term papers said...

Wow! Awesome One it is one of the goodies in the current Beauty Fix program, and i have to tell you, i love it!

Lisa said...

i love garnier products. i haven't tried this but i will consider this after my stock gets over :)

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Karen said...

I also like the Phyx, but $100 for hair products when advertised for $29 makes me want to look around elsewhere. The other products didn't impress me, and the mousse was worse than one I bought at a local chain drugstore.

I have to believe that this isn't the only one.

Karen said...

Just to update, I found it on Amazon for $14.99 plus $5 postage but it is listed as $1o5 on the Dermstore site

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