Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

today is my 10 year anniversary! of being married that is.

i know i'm 29, and to some of you the idea that i've already been married for this long is crazy. well, what can i say, i found the one. :)

if you are a regular reader, you have pretty much figured out that hubby is the love of my life. we are also each other's best friends, so "we still like each other", as he likes to tell people-- LOL! it's been a learning experience, that is for sure. we got married when we were babies! but i wouldn't change anything. i can't imagine my life without him-- he's beyond fabulous!

in celebration of this milestone, a video dedicated to him by one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Ray LaMontagne.




Katee "e-polishblog" said...

Awwww, happy anniversary!! That is so cool.

monique said...

thanks Katee! :) xo

Tanya said...

How sweet! Happy Anniversary!!
Love your blog :)