Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Resolutions: Getting in Shape

do you have a resolution to lose weight and get in shape? is this more than the first time you've made this resolution?

don't beat yourself up if last year's resolution has rolled over to this year. this year is a fresh start, so forget about what didn't happen last year, and concentrate on this year's goal. here are some of the best tips i have ever received:

*instead of jumping in full speed ahead, why not take these next couple of weeks to just get moving more? this will actually help from hitting the wall, so to speak, after the first month. take the stairs when available, walk anywhere and everywhere you can, park your car the furthest place away from the doors of the store your going into, walk around your house when your on the phone, take the dog for an extra walk each day, play with your kids at the park, etc.

*start drinking more water. you'll be surprised to find how good you'll feel, and you'll get rid of excess weight so your body can lose real weight.

*let your friends and family know what you're doing. enlist some of them to do it with you! if you have people holding you accountable, you're more likely to stick to your goals. do be sure that those you tell will truly be supportive-- there's nothing worse than someone who will sabotage your efforts.

*set small goals, such as, this week i want to spin/walk/yoga/kickbox/swim/bike three times this week, or this week i want to drink one less bottle of soda a day and replace it with the equivalent in ounces of water, or this week i want to eat a heaping serving of veggies at each get the idea, right?

*keep a journal. writing things down, such as food eating, your mood, your thought, whatever, can help keep you on track. if you have a get-in-shape partner, meet up each week to discuss what you've's good having moral support!

*expect days that you don't want to do your workout or eat that something healthy. instead of skipping entirely, tell yourself you'll do at least twenty minutes or you'll have a small salad before indulging-- trust'll end up doing a longer workout and you may only end up taking a small taste of the food you were craving.

*mix up your workouts! don't do the same thing every day. after a couple of months try something new, using a heavier weight or move at a faster pace. bodies adapt easily, so if you're not challenging yourself and your muscles, you'll stop seeing results.

just a few suggestions that i hope you'll consider or share with others! it's a great thing to get in shape, and realizing that everything takes time is so important! make sure to stay positive! you can do it. :)


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