Monday, January 26, 2009

Spring 2009: Zoya Twist Nail Color Collection

while there are some fabulous nail color collections out for the spring season, Zoya's latest collection, Twist, caught my attention first. the colors are quite unique for a spring line, and if you don't want them all, you'd be lying to say you didn't at least want one!

i myself am loving Cassi, the pinky-peach shimmer, and of course there's Jo, a fabulous blue shimmer, and i can't get enough of Moxie, such a pretty red-plum, oh! and Barbie, because i love pink...

any of these colors will look great for seasons to come, so if you see any that you like, visit to get them while you can before they're gone!

...i think i love Harley as well, i mean what a fabulous shimmery grey...but of course, there's Malia, too, a yummy violet creme....


p.s.-- visit my blogging pal, Katee to see swatches of the entire Twist collection!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

intersting choices for spring colors, yet absoutly amazing!
I do love the deep plum color!!