Wednesday, February 4, 2009

beauty on a budget: Johnson's Body Care 24 Hour Body Wash and Lotion

Johnson's Body Care 24 Hour Body Wash not only will pamper your dry winter skin and transform it into smooth, sweet-smelling skin, but it's a fabulous buy for around $6.

i started using this last week, and i fell in love with the fabulous lather (not too much, just enough), light scent and of course the way it left my skin feeling. i couldn't wait until my next shower!

i add even more moisture to my skin after my shower with Johnson's Body Care 24 Hour Body Lotion, and let me tell you, my skin feels amazing! the lotion is silky and light, absorbs quickly and leaves behind a soft floral scent. another plus about this lotion is that it doesn't sting the skin on my just-shaved legs. :)

these two products on their own work great (trust me, i've tested them out individually), and together are uber-fabulous. so if you're looking for some skin-loving products to get your dry skin through the rest of the cold, dry winter season, or even year-round, give these two products a try-- then come back and tell me what you think!

Johnson's Body Care 24 Hour Body Wash and Body Lotion can be found wherever Johnson's is sold.


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sweets5260 said...

I've used this and did love it...for extra moisturization, I mix some Burt's Bee's Apricot baby oil to the lotion to get a "cocktail" mix going :).