Saturday, February 14, 2009

review: That Gal by Benefit

i like to go and have my makeup done at beauty counters so i can experience not only new products, but products i may have heard of but never used. this occurred the last time i went to the Benefit counter and the sales woman used That Gal to prep my face.

"That Gal is a skin brightener and primer," she explained, "but one thing i really love about it is that you can apply it over existing makeup and apply more makeup over it if you don't have time to start from scratch. your make looks refreshed, and know one is the wiser."


yep, she was right. That Gal is not only a makeup primer, but it is an all around skin brightener and works to smooth out your skin and give it a fresh look. i have to say, it was love at first use. and the smell is so yummy, i knew i had to take it home with me.

and that's what i did. and i've been loving it ever since. the sheer pink formula gives my skin a great glow and my foundation-- whether i opt for a liquid, cream or powder-- stays in place and looks great. i have even done the "over the makeup" trick i first learned at the Benefit counter a few times with no side effect of irritation or breakouts. love this stuff!

find That Gal at your local Benefit counter or store, in Sephora and online at


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