Tuesday, March 31, 2009

green beauty: Sustainable Youth Revitalizing Serum

when it comes to skincare products, serums are great because they are more concentrated and really get into skin's deeper layers. my new favorite? Sustainable Youth Revitalizing Serum. this weightless facial treatment contains an immune-stimulating, patent-pending blend called Alasta that absorbs quickly and has really made my skin look amazing.

this serum gave my skin a fabulous vibrancy that even i was surprised to see. as you know, i test out many products, and i've been pretty happy with the way my skin was looking, but after using this for the last four weeks, this has proven that there's always room for improvement- ha!

Sustainable Youth Revitalizing Serum also helps improve skin's elasticity and firmness for the appearance of younger-looking skin-- something i don't mind, since i'm not getting any younger (LOL). in addition, this serum is green and made with:

* organic active ingredients,
* ingredients that are organic, natural and green
* no petrochemicals or parabens
* all natural and organic essential oils
* no genetically modified ingredients
* no animal derived ingredients or animal testing
* packaging made and manufactured using sustainable materials and practices

this green product is oh-so good! visit sustainableyouthproducts.com for more info.


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Meg said...

Oh, wow, this looks like some nifty stuff, for sure. I am always looking for good products that are more healthy for skin, the environment as a whole, and won't clog up pores. This line looks divine. Must post on my blog and share too!

Lovely, and fab site you have here! Am adding you to my blog roll here shortly. Cheers!