Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spa Week is Back!

if you are familiar with Spa Week, you should be really excited right about now, because it's back. the biannual event is coming to a city near you, and i think you need to take advantage!

why, you ask? well, because you'll get to enjoy luxurious treatments for just $50! participating spas and treatments have been posted and those spas have started taking appointments.

all you have to do is visit Spa Week to see a list of markets, participating spas and treatments. this comes at such a fabulous time, because the health and wellness lifestyle shouldn't just be for the wealthy, but for everyone in need of some pampering!

Spa Week is april 13- 19, so get to it, people! head on over to and make that appointment...



karen and shari said...

I went to the media event and it was awesome!! Can't wait for SpaWeek

MoreSpaTraffic said...

There is a lot of hope for SpaWeek. It'll be wonderful I know. And I'm certain a lot of people who have never tried a spa before will do so because their friends will say, "Hey! It's a great deal, come with me to my favorite spa this week."

And then they'll discover the benefit a spa has for their health and they will be back.