Friday, April 3, 2009

Kim Kardashian & ShoeDazzle

Kim Kardashian wants you to have fabulous shoes for $39 a pair, and she's created a website to make that a reality.

ShoeDazzle is Kim's website, launched in november last year, that features a panel, including herself, of fashion-savvy people who help choose shoes to suit your own personal style and allow you to have them for an affordable price!

this is how it works:

take the fashion survey:
the stylists will be able to choose shoes for you based on your survey results.

enter your information to become a member, including shipping and billing information. your credit card will not be charged until you choose your first pair of shoes, at which point you will become a member of the ShoeDazzle Society.

the stylists choose 5 pair of shoes for you to choose from that are based on your individuality and fashion preferences. if you are unhappy with the choices, simply call them at the number provided on the site, and they'll happily send you new shoe choices.

then choose your shoe:
a notification via email will be sent to you when your shoe choices are ready for you simply log back into ShoeDazzle to choose the shoes you want.

i have to point out, this isn't a $39 a month, then-pay-for-uber-expensive-shoes program, but rather a pay $39 a month and choose a pair of cute shoes. period. if you want to skip a month, you can, and you won't be charged.

all of the questions you may have and program info is on the site, so head on over there and check it out.

oh, and fyi, i have signed up myself and am waiting for my choices to be presented to me-- i can't wait! my only fear is that i will like more than one pair...

go ahead and visit for all the details-- it won't cost a thing to look around.


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