Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Top 10 Must Buys For Spring 2009

making lists of items you want to buy each season is a great way to ensure you'll remember what it was you were really craving to add your wardrobe or accessory collection. with all that goes on my life everyday (taking care of my kids, house and hubby; running errands, responding to emails, making phone calls, editing, etc.), i could easily forget that i really want to purchase a metallic bag for the spring/summer season. well, i don't have to worry because i've made a list! and thankfully have had it published on

as you may know, i am the contributing beauty editor at, and this is my second contribution to their style site. i had to narrow my stylish picks down to 10, but i managed to come up with a list of items that represent what i feel would be good to add to any spring wardrobe (and i kept everything under $100 each!).

take a look at my picks!


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