Wednesday, April 1, 2009

review: Laura Geller Eye Rimz

Laura Geller's Eye Rimz are high pigment eyeshadows that are amazing for taking any subtle day look into a wow(!) night look-- instantly. because let's face it, sometimes a girl wants to wear a wash of eyeshadow color on her lids and sometimes she wants to rim her eyes for serious drama.

well since this "girl" is me, i suppose i should tell you what i think of this, huh?

simply put, i love this shadow. it's a great multi-use product, and i can't get enough of how well it wears and looks when i wear it. :)

the Eye Rimz formula-- which is a swirl of black, white, and colored pearl-- can be used dry, creating everything from sheer, shimmery color to a rich, dramatic look, and also applied wet, creating gorgeous, pure metallic color. the brush it comes with works to give just the right amount of shadow to create either look.

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