Thursday, May 14, 2009

beauty on a budget: Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Color

i'm not a lipstick fanatic myself, but if the formula is right, i will definitely recommend it, and Max Factor's new Vivid Impact Lip Color has pulled me onto it's fan bandwagon, and you should jump on as well.

this fierce new collection of creamy, moisture-rich, lip-loving colors were tested on the runways of new york during spring/summer 2009 fashion week, so you know they had to be good. i am so impressed at how these lipstick don't feel like lipstick, but still maintain a good deal of pigment as the day goes on. the formula contains shea butter, which helps to seal in lip's moisture, so i never worry about my lips drying out, and the color lasts for hours!

i have four colors (pictured below)

Guilty Rose is a red with gold shimmer-- very pretty, but not a color i would normally wear.

Pin-Up Pink is a gorgeous pink, but not on me (bummer)-- it's too light.

Bitten is one i liked the best-- it's a darker-toned berry-pink.

Sweet-Tart is a pretty coral-pink that isn't too bright on me.

i am loving this new line of lipsticks, and i plan to check out the rest of the collection to get other colors to suit me. if you haven't already tried these for yourself, you need to run, not walk, to your local drugstore and get at least one to try! :)

visit to buy and see the list of colors for the collection.


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