Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My 3 Must-Have Pieces of Clothing

the new Bravo series The Fashion Show debuted this past thursday, and while i found the format of the show to be promising, i couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed by the designers.

the elimination challenge called for the three "quick challenge" winners to head up a team of the remaining designers to create a collection featuring one item they thought were must-haves for every woman. here's where the disappointment comes in...

the three items decided on by the three teams were a bolero jacket, harlem pants and a tube skirt.

my jaw dropped.


since when? is all i could think of. i had to keep watching just to see what was created. in the end some of the looks were good, but overall the looks were ho-hum.

so i'm here to share my own 3 must-have picks that i think these designers should have created a collection around:

*a blazer
*an A-line skirt

a blazer can make your outfit look everything from casual and cool to dressy and sophisticated.

A-line skirts and dresses look good on most anyone, and can vary from everything from a short "A" to a feminine, floaty style.

pants are a staple; whether they are trousers or skinnies, no woman can live with a pair of pants that make her look fabulous.

ok, so the pictures are on the generic side, but you get the idea. the designers could have done some fabulous things with these choices in my opinion. must-have pieces should be timeless and wearable by most, after all!

tune in to The Fashion Show on Bravo every week, thursdays-- check your local listings.


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