Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Summer Beauty 2009: Bobbi Brown Nautical Collection

the new Nautical Collection from Bobbi Brown is available now, and i am loving it! it features the new products Sheer Color Lip Gloss and Sheer Color Cheek Tint, as well as the Perfectly Defined Mascara.

the Nautical Collection is inspired by easy, natural summer beauty. Bobbi has created these beauty goodies to give you a fresh, just-spending-the-day-on-the-beach-looking-fabulous look.

available in six shades, Bobbi's new Sheer Color Cheek Tint gives cheeks a sheer tint of natural-looking color. these are translucent, light-weight, and go on smooth. i love the touch of color it adds-- so pretty! i also really like how the swivel-up packaging easily travels in my makeup bag, making it convenient and easy to apply anytime. colors include Sheer Blackberry, Sheer Lilac, Sheer Pink, Sheer Coral, Sheer Raspberry and Sheer Mauve.

the limited-edition Sheer Color Lip Glosses are the newest addition to Bobbi's Lip Gloss collection and are amazing! pretty colors with a see-through finish, all of the four shades would look gorgeous on any woman. i think they're a great, wearable compliment to the ultra-bright colors of the season. colors include Cabana Coral, Marina Pink, Popsicle and Sailor.

Sheer Cheek Tint in Sheer Pink and Sheer Color Glosses in Marina Pink and Popsicle

swatches of Marina Pink (on left), and Popsicle

check out Bobbi's video sharing her thoughts on this collection

check out or visit your local Bobbi beauty counter to see the entire collection.

images courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

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