Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Love My...Lily Halter Maxi Dress

i bought the dress in the above pic a few weeks ago, and it is fabulous. i'm 5'3, so this is not as short on me as it is on this model (well, if i'm being honest, it hits the floor when i'm barefoot, LOL!), but i love my Lily Halter Maxi Dress.

while it's described as being slightly shorter than the average maxi dress, it's perfect on me. as soon as i tried it on, i fell in love with it, and so did hubby (always a good thing). this dress is so comfy, but looks elegant, and the best part is that when i wear it, i'm put together with one piece! i always get compliments when i wear it, so it makes it even more fun to wear. :)

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