Friday, June 5, 2009

Max and Chloe Accessories

if you're ever in the market for a great new accessory or two, check out my new-found online destination, Max & Chloe. on this site you can find everything from earrings to bracelets and rings to pendants. different styles are represented as well, so if you love more classic pieces, you'll find those right along with the more contemporary, trendy stuff.

with many designers represented, the Max & Chloe website manages to be user-friendly and easy to navigate through. they even have a catalog program, so if you're into leafing through glossy pages of pictures, you can do that too.

the site was gracious enough to send me a bracelet (black and gold enamel, pictured above) that i would call a classic piece-- it's something i can definitely see myself wearing now and years down the road. its made by Blu Bijou, a brand that creates pieces ranging from the simple to very eye-catching & bold.

here are some examples of what they carry that are on the more affordable side (becasue i know we're all on some sort of budget these days!):

visit to see everything for yourself!


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