Wednesday, June 24, 2009

review: Soft & Beautiful SKIN Exfoliating Body Polish

body scrubs are a fabulous way to exfoliate dead skin from your body to help cell turnover, and reveal healthy and more even-looking skin. i was sent a few Soft & Beautiful SKIN products to test out for review, and decided the Exfoliating Body Polish would be the first one i'd try out.

this scrub infuses sugar crystals and safflower oil to give your body a softening exfoliation. if you don't already know, exfoliation is necessary to not only slough off dead skin cell to encourage a more healthy, even skin tone, but it also stimulates circulation, leaving the skin looking like it has a glow.

upon first opening the packaging i noticed something missing that i have come to expect from most sugar and salt scrubs: a heavy, slippery oil separated from the scrub. this was a welcome difference, as it's sometimes not always easy to mix a scrub before using it, especially if the product is new.

after scooping out a bit from the side

after using it a few times, i highly recommend this scrub as one you ought to try-- from its wonderful scent, to how soft it left my skin feeling, to the fact that i didn't have a slippery shower floor after using it, Soft & Beautiful SKIN Exfoliating Body Polish is now at the top of my favorite body scrub list. if you see it, get it-- you will love it, and your skin will too!

find Soft & Beautiful SKIN Exfoliating Body Polish at a drugstore near you and online at (you guessed it)

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