Friday, July 10, 2009

hair therapy: Leonor Greyl Products for Hair Loss

hair loss caused by the stresses of everyday life, not to mention the current state of the economy, is anything but a glamorous topic. people my not be discussing it with friends, but they are turing to the internet for help. according to Google Trends, searches for "hair loss products" have spiked in recent months.

the good news is Leonor Greyl has been pioneering both research and remedies in gentle and natural hair restoration well before the recession. be advised that it is always best to consult your doctor about hair loos, but here are some topical and glamorous treatments to consider...

before you shampoo: treat dry scalp with Regenerescence Naturelle, a blend of borage oil, chili rose, and essential oils of plants, flowers, and fruits that all have purifying and energizing properties. this nourishing treatment is best known for revitalizing the epidermis in just 15 minutes.

cleansing hair: there are two options for cleansing hair under stress. Shampooing Au Miel, Leonor Greyl's most gentle formulation, is infused with honey and rose extracts for maximum softness.

for a shampoo that is more theraputic, Concentre Energetique is recommended. vegetal oils, zinc, sage, horsetiail and mimosa tenuiflora promote circulation, which is essential for hair growth.

after shampooing: leave-in treatment, Complexe Energisant is formulated with active ingredients including vitamin B2, amino acids, yeast extracts, trace elements, and mimosa tenuiflora. one vial should be used 2-3 times a week or after every shampoo.

for 24 hour repair and rejuvenation, Tonique Vivifiant should be used when styling your hair. the mist contains the same exact actives as Complexe Energisant- mimosa tenuiflora, vegetal oils, and amino acids- only it's in a convenient spray.

Leonor Greyl has an entire line of fabulous products geared toward your specific hair need-- visit their website at

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