Friday, August 28, 2009

hair therapy: Rachel Zoe's Must-Haves

like me, and probably many of you, Rachel Zoe thinks of her hair like a security blanket. she also likes to wear her hair tousled, shiny and big (i love her hair). in one of her Zoe Report emails this week, Rachel shares her absolute favorite, must-have products: Byron Williams' Spirulina Hair Spray and Illuminating Shine Spray (she says they are "life-changing", so naturally i'm intrigued).

Rachel says: these are the two products i urge you to try for that frizz-free, running-out-the-door tousled look from home. i use both every day as a final step in my ever-challenging hair regimen. Spirulina, which is the key ingredient in the Hair Spray, is something you'd typically find in a smoothie...good for your body, great for your hair! to quote Byron (pictured with Rachel, above), "it holds everything without getting sticky, and the Shine Spray is a remedy for over-processed hair and split-ends." i have many hair secrets to share, but this one is a sure thing—just roll out of bed and spray!

if you're on a budget, try Garnier Fructis Style Sleek & Shine Ultra Strong Anti-Humidity Hairspray and TRESemme Smooth Ultra Light No Frizz Shine Spray (one of my personal faves!)


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