Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kiehl’s Introduces Imperial Body Balm

Kiehl's has a new product with a new and very interesting-sounding ingredient, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, known for its skin regenerative capabilities. the product, you ask? it's called Imperial Body Balm, and it has been dubbed Kiehl's richest all-over body moisturizer.

sounds so yummy, right?

inspired by russian honey-based remedies and infused with deeply hydrating cocoa and shea butters, this new body balm was created to nourish skin like no other. it also contains honey and fruit glycolic acids to accelerate surface skin cell turnover, delivering a renewed smoothness and youthful radiance to extra-dry, dull skin (i'm already dying to try it!). with a warm, sweet and spicy fragrance, this balm should add a bit of luxury to your everyday.

for a unique companion to this new body treatment, Kiehl's is also introducing this balm with a fragrant Kusmi Tea, featuring Sea Buckthorn Berries, developed especially for the brand, which will be available in september exclusively in Kiehl's free-standing stores and

be sure to visit the website or store to discover these new goodies for yourself!


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