Tuesday, September 15, 2009

100% Pure and Natural Oils from Suki

you may know that "oil-free" has been the mantra to live by-- virtually all skincare consumers have been taught to believe that all products containing oil equals overly greasy, clogged and blemished skin.

that's not true! Suki Kramer, creator and formulator of Suki advanced, also feels the same way.

"organic botanical oils like jojoba, actually mimic the skin's own sebum, so it absorbs well and helps balance the skin so oil glands do not go into overproduction mode." this means, they can actually help the skin.

"when products are formulated with the right kind of oil, they can address and even cure just about any skin issue, blowing those touted "oil-free" labels right out of the water."

the weather will be cooling off soon (it can't come soon enough!), and moisture will go missing from the air, so there's nothing like nourishing the skin to keep it hydrated and healthy.

check out some of Suki's products:

delicate hydrating oil, for the body, pairs 100% pure rose oil and apricot kernel oils to nourish the skin without any leftover greasy feel. organic arnica extract and organic chamomile extract heal and sooth dry, crack and irritated skin, not to mention its convenient pump packaging eliminates any messy spillage or slipping!

pure facial moisture balancing, is formulated with organic jojoba, organic grapeseed and organic hazelnut oils to impart skin balancing nourishment, along with organic echinacea and lavender extracts to prevent and address acne-prone and blemished skin types. synthetic based anti-acne treatments have nothing on this miracle worker!

pure facial moisturenourishing, contains a deeply moisturizing cocktail of organic carrot seed oil, organic evening primrose oil and organic grapeseed oil all omega-rich antioxidants and free radical scavengers. rosacea, dry and fragile skin sufferers swear by this product.

available at Whole Foods nationwide and sukipure.com, all Suki products are 100% pure, natural and never contain any synthetic or harsh ingredients.


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