Thursday, September 10, 2009

review: YBF Boost

YBF Skincare has a new product called Boost, and as with my other experiences with the brand, i am loving it. a moisturizer for all skin types, Boost can be on its own or layered on top of your other products to add moisture and so much more...

formulated with antioxidant green tea, vitamins E, niacin and b-5 and botanicals along with caffeine to aid in tightening the skin, Boost promises to help tone, refresh and protect the face. it also promises to keep blemishes at bay by keeping skin hydrated.

after i used this for a few weeks, i found these claims to be true. my skin was very supple and healthy-looking, i didn't experienced any blemishes while using it, and when i stopped, guess what happened-- yep. bummer. it was just one unsightly, medium-sized bugger, but still, breakouts are no fun. so, needless to say, this is again part of my skin regimen, and i highly recommend that you give it a try!

visit for more info on Boost, and to order.


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