Monday, September 28, 2009

Stella McCartney STELLANUDE Linen Scented Mist

when i received Stella McCartney's new STELLANUDE Linen Scented Mist, i actually thought it was perfume for my skin...


though i found out moments later (reading the box helps, LOL!), i still was thrilled to have this to add to my fragrance collection. after all, i do like to spray my pillow and sheets with a scent every now and again, and having a feminine and luxurious scent to spray on my lingerie is such a fabulous idea.

this new fragrance (it also comes in eau de toilette form) was developed to translate the delicacy and femininity of Stella's lingerie collection into a scent that would be like the most intimate accessory. notes of moraccan rose, hints of grapefruit and pink pepper as well as vanilla and grey amber blend together so beautifully; the scent is uber-feminine, sexy and striking, yet light. i think it's perfect for evening and works gorgeously for day.

Stella says: "i love the idea of walking through a scented mist in your lingerie. it's quite a cheeky, intimate way to start the day, and it's refreshing not spraying a scent directly on your skin."

in addition to loving the scent, the bottle is fabulous itself, don't you think?

find the Stella McCartney STELLANUDE fragrance collection exclusively at Sephora and until december 31, 2009. it will become available at other select department stores beginning january 1, 2010.

pic taken by me :)

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