Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stila Hydrating Finishing Powder

when it comes to makeup, i have fallen in love with Stila. i am especially loving their Hydrating Finishing Powder, a lightweight, translucent powder (olive, tan and brown skin beauties, don't let the light color fool you, this is invisible) that sets my foundation and leaves my skin looking amazing thanks to it's micro-encapsulated ectoin that gives time-released hydration to the skin.

Hydrating Finishing Powder works for all skin types; it absorbs oil and protects with meadow seed extract for antioxidant protection. my only gripe is the packaging. it has a mirror, but i can't use it since powder gets on it every time i close the lid to shake out more powder. also, there's nowhere to tap off the excess powder, so i have to be careful not to load up my fluffy brush with too much product for fear of wasting it. since i love the results so much, i'll continue to use it and will definitely be buying this when it runs out!

many thanks to Stila for giving me the opportunity to try Hydrating Finishing Powder! visit your local Stila beauty counter or for more info.


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Deepo said...

thanks for the review - I'm looking for a hydrating powder in a container I can travel with. I like Stila products and this looks like a good one to grab for an upcoming trip.