Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Travel-Friendly Beauty: Lauren Hutton Natural Face Disc

when i went to nyc, i took along a fabulous product that arrived just in time for my trip. the Lauren Hutton Face Disc has been around for some time, but it was her new Naturals Face Disc that i was given the opportunity to try.

included in this Naturals Face Disc:

*4 spot concealers,
*pooch and nose shadow
*wet and dry eyeliner
*eyebrow shadow
*contour shadow
*blush/lip tint
*lip balm

the "quick" instructions

each product is color-coded in the Disc and comes with easy-to-follow instructions so you know what to use where. because this is a "natural" product, the formulas contain high concentrations of plant-based ingredients like jojoba and olive fruit oil. they also contain grape seed oil, tea tree oil, vitamins A, E and C, avocado oil and bamboo.

i am really enjoying this Face Disc. the results are natural looking and the packaging isn't bulky at all. i love that everything i need is in one place. i would like to see more color palettes created. there are currently four discs: Pink, Olive, Yellow and Brown. i use the Brown, but there are some spot concealer colors that are too dark for me...

find Lauren Hutton Naturals Face Disc at LaurenHutton.com

pics taken by me :)

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Anonymous said...

I just bought this a couple weeks ago after getting an email about it. It's great! It's my first face disc and I do really like the fact that I can do my whole face with one compact. And, I'm pregnant, so I love the fact that it's all natural!