Saturday, October 31, 2009

i'm loving: my new statement ring

last weekend i did a little browsing at the mall with my mom and kids. mainly it was her way of getting gift ideas for our family. of course, because my mom is my mom, she ended up buying a few things.

one of those things was this amazing flower ring from a store called Cinderella. if you can believe it, it was my first time in there ever, and i was amazed at all of the fabulous accessories they carried. the ring is metal and has a huge stone in the center. i have no idea who designed this, but i love it. it came in other color combos, but i liked this black one the best.

btw, it just so happens that my hands aren't small and i have long fingers, so wearing larger-sized rings suits them well. this ring is crazy big-- it makes my other "big" rings look small, ha!

thanks mom!

pics taken by me :)

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Rate Your Hairdresser said...

I have ALWAYS loved statement jewellery. Glad to find someone that feels the same. Nice!:)