Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lierac Dioptilisse & Diopticrème Eye Treatments

i was recently introduced to a couple of eye treatments from Lierac that work to not just fight off wrinkles and the signs of aging, but actually fight off puffiness and give tired eyes a bit of a lift. since i started using this a little over a month ago, my eyes look more awake, less i-only-slept-four-hours-last-night (a good thing, wouldn't you say?).

Dioptilisse Lifting Eye-Makeup Fixing Base is a gel formula that i love for its light texture. it contains an agent called fucogel that comforts the skin and extracts of hawaiian algae to help beautifully moisturize the skin. it gives eyes a lift and even smooths the area under the eye, keeping makeup in place and looking good!

Diopticrème Age-Defense Cream, the other eye treatment i've been using, works at fighting the signs of aging with ingredients like Prunus extract (to increase hydration and your skin's elasticity) and a concentration of the alchemilla, ivy and horsetail, that work together to diminish the look of wrinkles.

something else i love: these uber-luxurious eye treatments aren't found at some out-of-the-way boutique-- you can find them at CVS! i love that.

so visit your local CVS, or to purchase.


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Rate Your Hairdresser said...

Ok, I need these because I do sleep 4-5 hours a night. :\