Tuesday, October 20, 2009

on my must-buy list: Marc Jacobs Lola Solid Perfume Ring

i'm going to be honest-- i have only smelled Marc Jacobs' latest fragrance Lola in a magazine, but what i smelled was divine, amazing, practically made for me!

ok, that was a little over the top, but i liked it that much. :)

then, last week i found out it came in an adorable, limited-edition solid perfume ring-- hello?! the flower matches the one found on the perfume bottle-- too cute, right? i had to add it to my "must-buy" list.

i know, it may sound a bit nutty to want to buy this without having actually worn the scent, but i figure since i liked it on paper, and the notes are some of my personal preferences, i don't think it will be a disappointment (at least, i hope not, ha!). also, i think solid perfumes are great because they are portable, easy to apply and this one comes in something i can wear without wearing the perfume, making it that much more appealing.

in addition to being limited-edition, there is one catch to being able to purchase this ring: you must be a Sephora Beauty Insider. if you aren't already, 1) why not?, and 2) it's very simple to do! just go to sephora.com, click on the "sign up for Sephora" link and fill in the info. you can also sign up in Sephora if you have one locally. and that's it!

so, what do you think of the ring? have you smelled Lola? if so, do you love it? hate it? tell me your thoughts in the comments!


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