Monday, November 16, 2009

Body Beautiful: When Do You Prefer To Workout?

it's my personal habit to wake up before my family to workout. it's not something i always enjoy doing (really, if i told you how early i wake up, you'd think i was nuts), but i love that i can get in a seriously tough workout before the sun comes up-- then i'm done and i can move on with my day!

do you exercise? if so, when do you do it? did you know there are benefits to working out at different times of day? yep, and thanks to my friends at Blush Media, i'm here to share them with you...

morning exercise benefits:

* a boost of energy. a morning jog can give you extra energy for the rest of the day. another bonus? it staves off hunger. so you'll be less likely to reach for munchies throughout the day because you won't need the energy boost.

* a clear head. your mental acuity improves, so you're able to stay sharp on your feet for whatever comes your way later on in the day (even three cups of coffee can't do it as well as a head-clearing run).

*you'll burn more calories throughout the day. if you kick-start your day with a trip to the gym, you'll raise your heart rate and metabolism, which will stay revved up throughout the day. another bonus? you're not dreading a workout after work. it's done. the only thing left on your calendar is relaxation.

midday workout benefits (don't feel guilty for relishing those extra 30 minutes beneath your down comforter):

* even a twenty-minute sweat session will leave you feeling refreshed and focused.

* a workout in the middle of the day can help beat that afternoon slump and deter you from reaching for a sugary late-afternoon snack.

* it will release any pent up tension and improve blood flow so you can renew your focus (and sanity) to help you get through the rest of your day.

benefits of working out in the evenings (some would rather have their feet up in front of the dvr, but for some this is the only time):

* this is the best time to clear your head of all the demands and to-dos hurled at you all day-- zone out and have some you time. you can focus the stress and aggression into your workout, using that to make your body go harder and faster.

* you're less prone to injury. your muscles are already warmed up and flexible from a day of movement.

* all that stuff that weighed you down today? you can sweat it out-- you truly can.


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