Thursday, November 12, 2009

November is National Healthy Skin Month!

did you know your skin is your body's largest organ? it's also your first defense against disease and infection, and works to protect internal organs from injuries. skin helps with so many aspects of your well-being including regulating body temperature, preventing excess fluid loss, and helping your body remove excess water and salt.

keeping skin healthy is uber-simple. here are a few of my recommendations for doing so:

stay out of the sun as much as possible-- it may be difficult to always stay out of the sun, but wearing an spf everyday will definitely protect skin from premature aging.

use an spf daily to protect it-- to add to my thoughts from the last recommendation, i think spf 30 is great-- put it everywhere your skin will be exposed.

don't smoke-- cigarettes rob skin of its radiance by depleting it of moisture and reduces the amount of blood flowing to the skin, thus depleting the skin of oxygen and essential nutrients.

wash your skin gently--tugging and over scrubbing your skin can cause irritation-- be careful!

moisturize-- keeping skin hydrated will always make it look and feel better.

sleep-- there's a reason it's called "beauty rest"! getting an adequate amount of sleep will allow skin to rejuvenate and repair itself (short naps during the day are fabulous, too!).

and of course...

eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink plenty of water and exercise-- it's simple, really. eat healthier (more fruits and veggies), drink more water and get your body moving (sweat helps rid skin and the body of toxins), and believe me, you'll see a huge difference in the condition of your skin.

here's to healthy skin!


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