Friday, November 20, 2009

StriVectin Overnight Facial Resurfacing Serum

StriVectin Overnight Facial Resurfacing Serum is a new product that promises to gently exfoliate skin overnight-- while you sleep to be more specific --minimizing the appearance of large pores, improving skin's tone and overall appearance so you look more radiant when you wake in the morning.

so, does it work??

i found that it did leave my skin feeling smoother and looking more refreshed the next morning after using it for the first time. now after using it for over 6 weeks, my skin still looks great and a few dark spots (that had been left after a few pesky breakouts) are a distant memory. i am really enjoying this facial serum!

ingredients include willowbark and retinyl palmitate (they gently exfoliate the skin), rosa multiflora fruit extract (helps brighten the skin), and vitamins C and E (antioxidants). it also caontains Exfolactive®,a rich source of complex sugars that increase natural enzyme productivity for enhanced exfoliation.

if you're looking for a gentle exfoliating product, i highly recommend you try this for yourself. this new breakthrough product is one anyone of any age can use, and it's even safe to use around the eyes.

visit for more info and to purchase. you can also find it in Sephora and Macy's stores.

product sent to me for review
pic taken by me :)

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