Wednesday, December 9, 2009

body beautiful challenge: Healthy, Sexy & Beautiful in 2010

hello beauties! while i'm sure you're all planning for the upcoming holidays, i'm sure you've thought, even if only for a few seconds, about your goals for 2010. if you have any resolutions about getting healthy, i have a challenge for you that you can start right now.

my beauty blogging gal-pal (who also happens to be a hairstylists, esthetician, and all-around beauty guru), Kitiya, began this on her own and of course, shared her plan with her readers. when she invited me to do it along with her via Twitter, i couldn't say no (setting new goals is always a good thing!).

so here's the plan: we're going to get healthier in 2010. not to lose weight (but if that is a goal of yours, then let that be part of your goal), but to correct any bad dietary habits and begin to, or continue to, challenge ourselves physically on a daily basis. weight loss may occur, but this challenge is to get us heathy and fit-- moving more, drinking more water and eating more veggies!

so, to get started, here are some of Kitiya's "rules":

1. join my challenge entitled "A Healthy, Sexy & Beautiful 2010". it's open to everyone- and you don't have to run to join the challenge. you can walk, too!

2. invest in a pedometer and track your steps. it's recommended that you do 6,000 - 10,000 steps a day for overall good health.

3. take a multivitamin daily, and drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily.

for the rest, read her entire post here!

i just signed up as a part the challenge on (i can't track my progress since i don't have the equipment, but it's good to have it for accountability), and i have my pedometer. my goal is to get beyond 10,000 steps a day and eat at least one serving of veggies with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

in addition to my daily workouts (and weather permitting), i'll take walks around my neighborhood (i can't run anymore, tear). if i can't get outside, adding more workout time indoors, running errands and housework should keep me on track.

be sure to follow me (@thebeautygirl) and Kitiya (@MischoBeauty) on Twitter for updates and if you join in, update your progress with the hashtag #healthysexybeautiful2010. :)

so, who's with me? let's go! :)


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Mischo Beauty said...

I'm so glad you're in! Yay! Let's do it! :)