Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Demi Moore & Rachel Zoe Discuss Worldwide Exclusive Lash Queen Mascara

Demi Moore, as i previously shared, is the face of the new Helena Rubinstein All You've Ever WANTED fragrance. you may have already run to your local Macy's to smell it, but if you haven't purchased it yet and plan to, i urge you to run, don't walk for this: you have an opportunity to try a new mascara!

with each purchase of All You've Ever WANTED at select Macy's, you will receive one tube of the Lash Queen Mascara free. this mascara is currently not available anywhere worldwide and this promotion will be the only opportunity american consumers will have to test this exclusive product.

watch the video below of Demi and stylist Rachel Zoe gushing about Lash Queen Mascara.


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webcake said...

Sigh...Now I have to go BACK to Macy's to get some of this...