Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Look Featuring Raw Natural Beauty

Raw Natural Beauty was kind enough to send me some products so i could create another holiday-inspired look for you. when i first recieved the products i sort of had an idea about what i wanted to do, but once i started playing with the eyeshadows, i changed my idea. i decided i wanted to create an "icy" look-- something that is natural, fresh, shimmery and definitely unlike what i normally wear on a typical day (but still very pretty!).

the products i used for this look:

VitaFirm Foundation Duo in Dark
Perfect Balance Concealer and Highlighter Trio
in Dark
Mineral Eyeshadow
in Lily*
Mineral Eyeshadow
in Rose*
Mineral Eyeshadow in Lavender*
Primal Pigments Pure Botanical Lipstick
in Nectar*

the shadows are all loose, and i really like that they are sheer, but buildable shades. after placing a bit of the Highlighter to my cheeks and inner corners of my eyes, i applied Lily all over my lid and Rose and Lavender very lightly in the crease to add a hint of depth.

Nectar was the perfect complimenting shade for my lips. this lipstick leaves my lips feeling so smooth and nourished thanks to ingredients like cocoa butter, omega-6 and omega-3-- love it! following this, i used a similar shade of blush i have in my stash to give a little color to my cheeks.

visit for more info on all the products featured.

all products sent to me from represntatives of Raw Natural Beauty; * represents products sent to me for the purpose of this post.

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Katrina said...

Your makeup looks fabu! I like that you took really close up pictures so we can see the details of the makeup.
I'm a makeup girl too, but I find that I don't wear a lot of eyeshadow. Mascara yes, but not eyeshadow. My sister keeps fussing at me to start wearing more to bring out my eyes, but I normally shrug her off. But looking at your photos I think I'm going to play up my eyes more and try different eyeshadows.
Sephora, here I come!